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Q2 Training Camp / Re: Mod Explanation - Railwarz CTF
Blindingly Obvious Logical Fallacies Blindingly Obvious Logical Fallacies
on February 25, 2013, 03:26:53 AM by Reptile
:confused: well railz is a particular mod. good for practice but not much else. loses it's luster after a while. one weapon 1 strategy. why not just choose Lithium CTF? lithctf.yolasite.com  :smiley_aacn: :smiley_acbe: :smiley_feet:

Hmmn, maybe. Do you know if my dodge bot will work or not in Lithium CTF first? I don't want to install it and find out it doesn't.

Maybe which version do you have installed ?  ;)
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