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Quake / Re: Installing Anti-Cheat.
Preposterously Irrational Arguments Preposterously Irrational Arguments
on July 23, 2015, 05:43:41 AM to Th0m@s29
^ wow someone serious intelligent and not a fucking troll peace of shit. THANK YOU!

ANYWAYS Since well I'm Mis-Interpreted as I Don't Know because I don't Understand most you Asshole Virgins But I finally found out on my lonesome that it is because I Am Using Q2Pro And It Does Not Support Anti-Cheat Kinda Like this Forum Doesn't Support Anybody who is Idk A Virgin? And Or A Fuckin Troll I Guess??? For Fux sakes you all need to Pull your heads out your ass i dont even wanna Come on these Forums anymore lol and i am accused of being a troll..... Wow Talk about fucktarded.
Quake / Re: New Quake 2 Lithium server in Europe
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on June 21, 2015, 10:27:37 AM to AmpLiF1eR
please start more server, maybe someone can miss it ;)

request granted  :lolsign:
Quake / Cant we all just get along?
Nice Job / Good Work Nice Job / Good Work
on April 29, 2013, 12:12:15 PM to an!m0$!ty
 Is it really that hard for people to get along? I know I'm as guilty as anyone for talking shit but the emotions that some of these guys pour into an arguement is crazy. I wonder if there is anyway Haunted, 2dum, random, golgo, magic, Vae, creeps, ex and anyone else who MAY get involved in constant online argueing, or for some strange reason really does dislike a person hes never met or will ever meet can just forget the past, start fresh and just get along?
 Now I realize some of you are word savvy and can spin things to sound like whatever you want, or bring up who said what, or who did what but we all know none of that shit really matters in the bigger scheme of things. So with that I propose we all just forget all the bullshit and get back to just playing the game for fun.
Quake / Re: Open source, cross-platform anticheat
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on April 12, 2013, 12:26:33 PM to Reptile
If enough people want it, I would probably build it for Q2 and Quake2World.

if you build it, they will come..   :smiley_feet:  :smiley_acbe: :cheesy: 

Quake / Re: FFA Changes?
Well-Reasoned Argument and/or Conclusion Well-Reasoned Argument and/or Conclusion
on April 06, 2013, 02:41:45 PM to quadz
Quadz, where can I find that bot code?


Yup, that be it.

Jay: From an engineering standpoint I've found the Zigock code leaves much to be desired. Its main think function is Bots_Move_NORM() in bot_za.c, a 3000+ line behemoth ad-hoc state machine. In general, the whole codebase has been a chore to debug or modify.

By contrast, the Q3 Arena botcode seems far more pleasantly engineered. It's an evolution of the Q2 gladiator bot, and it still resides in its own "botlib", separate from the game source. This is interesting because with the Q2 gladiator bot, only the game source was released, while the botlib was closed source.

So after tinkering with the Zigbot code, I'd begun a separate project to backport the Q3 Arena botlib to work with the Q2 gladiator game source. I'd made some initial progress on this a few weeks ago, and it's still an option I'm interested in pursuing (been busy with other projects recently.)


Quake / Re: FFA Changes?
Demonstrates Exceptional Knowlege of the Game Demonstrates Exceptional Knowlege of the Game
on April 05, 2013, 05:00:28 AM to VaeVictis
mutant > dm

just play there, no limit to mymap, lets you play whatever you want... and its generally not too hard to get people playing on mutant once a few people are on there
Quake / Re: haunted "full of himself"
Well-Reasoned Argument and/or Conclusion Well-Reasoned Argument and/or Conclusion
on April 03, 2013, 10:44:05 AM to ex
It's all a matter of perception, and position really.

To many people, you do come off as a bit of an arrogant prick.  I actually had to tell a group of people a while back that were saying bad shit like that, that you are actually a good dude in the end, and you care deeply about what's left of the q2 scene.  But taking how you act in many scenarios, many people (taking it at face value mind you) would consider you a dick.  I know that at first, that's what I considered you too.

My position now?  I think you have dick tendencies, but your heart's in the right place.

Anyway, this is not a shit-talk post.  I'm just being direct and honest with you, as you intended with this thread.

p.s.:  Codeblack is a troll.
Quake / XRZ: The one true mod
Nice Job / Good Work Nice Job / Good Work
on April 03, 2013, 05:59:12 AM to LedZep
Please note that I have officially scrapped this idea. Instead, I have made 'Xatrogue'. It is a fusion of xatrix and rogue: http://forum.tastyspleen.net/quake/index.php?topic=21185.0
The reason behind scrapping this project (well, the title really) is that I don't think that Zaero is worth the effort. Maybe it's just me, but the Zaero weapons/items aren't that great for MP. This doesn't mean that the project is dead, however. Xatrogue will have CTF, various gamemodes and all that jazz in the end as well.

XRZ - Xatrix/Rogue/Zaero

So yesterday I had the craziest idea: why not merge baseq2, Xatrix, Rogue and Zaero gameplay into one?
After tinkering, the result was a Xatrix/Rogue all-in-one with the tag mode, apart from the Xatrix monsters. For Zaero, I will have to re-write the entities' code from scratch (although there isn't much: camera, sniper, exploding cannon assrape thing, some turrets, Guards with dogs and Sentien).

I also started thinking of adding useful cvars (such as the ones you find in OpenFFA/TDM), moving the ctf gamemode into the mod (with tech powerups and hook), adding RA gamemodes such as RR, Insta and such. Also maybe add bot support (move Eraser bots in or something). However, the bots are the biggest if, to be honest. If I do this right, the server will be full without those dumb CPU opponents.

The result? One fucking awesome dll. This baby will do it all, from CTF with Rogue and Xatrix weapons, to straight runs of coop that include vanilla, Xatrix, Rogue and Zaero missions. This dll will especially be great for xrazy-like override servers (but with more weapons and less terribly out-of-place sounds). Even tech powerup ffa/tdm would be possible o.0
Not to mention, if I stick with the full plan and write the Zaero ents, we will have Zaero playable on Linux servers (I'm pretty sure that nobody has done that yet).

I will git my current progress soon (after Xatrix gets running nicely with monsters). I hope that this will be better than my infamous "Inf Chaingunz" mod :P
Quake / To Admin of tS AQ2 FFA
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on April 01, 2013, 01:31:51 PM to [NM]Hunter
 Can we have some classics maps in the rotation? Maps like Urban, Teamjungle, Mesto, Cliff2, etc?

 The older maps are very different from the modern maps -- they have less corners, wider spaces open spaces, and generally a simpler layout with less buildings and clutter -- Not saying one map is better than the others, since a lot of the older maps give advantages to snipers, but I think they could add an interesting element to the Tastyspleen FFA Server and bring back some older players

Here are a few maps that I'd love to see in the rotation :D

From this site : http://aq2maps.quadaver.org/
Urban 2

Quake / Re: Carter glitch on q2dm1?
Offtopic Offtopic
on March 18, 2013, 01:41:52 PM to Focalor
Re: Carter glitch on q2dm1?

Yes, I agree. The Carter administration was such a huge fuck up that it's horrendous effects were felt 20 years later in video games. I certainly didn't vote for him. But I would definitely elect him to be fried. I know that's a serious alligation.

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